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“Drawing On the Light Side” ©
(Using Creative Visual Humour ):

A total immersion experience of learning to use the creative visual humour
of cartooning & caricature. A workshop over one to two days, depending upon your needs.
As a bonus, participants can expect to develop skills in:

  • Stress relief & stress management
  • Team-building & development
  • Motivation
  • Self-confidence
  • Spontaneous fun & laughter
  • Playing & the art of relaxed concentration to improve productivity

“Drawing Outside the Square” ©
An Introduction to Cartooning:

A half day workshop, on any related topic. An introduction to cartooning at a preliminary level, with spin-offs in the same areas as the full workshop. Ideal for conferences, staff retreats & socials. Themes from past workshops have included:

  • Generating humour at work
  • Developing strong group dynamics
  • Training trainers
  • Drawing on the light side when the workload is heavy
  • The 5 P’s Of Success

Custom Built Workshops:

Brent is a man of many hats. As an excellent role model for inventiveness & creativity in business, he can create the ideal learning situation for you and your employees; tailor-made to your individual needs and requirements

Creative Consultation:
Brent can...

  • Develop fun icebreakers and games for your next conference or corporate event
  • Teach your company trainers techniques for enlivening their presentations & mind-mapping, using cartoons and visual communication
  • Advise management on the need for humour and a playful approach to work, and educate them on the benefits of this
  • Work with your HR department to help develop (and maintain) humour
    in your staff on a day-to-day basis

All workshop titles and content remain the exclusive ©copyright of Brent M Harpur 2008.

All transportation & accommodation related costs remain the responsibility of the client.

“Business should be fun. Without fun, people are left wearing emotional raincoats most of their working lives. Building fun into business is vital;
it brings life into our daily being.

Fun is a powerful motive for most of our activities & should be a direct path of our livelihood. We should not relegate it to something we buy after work, with money we earn…”

[Michael Phillips, American Movie Producer.]